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"BEX Snuffs Out Relationship BS With ‘Secondhand Smoke’"

"Secondhand Smoke" was featured on Hype MachineCSGM!

"Secondhand Smoke" was featured on Yellow & Black music blog!

"Boston Singer-Songwriter BEX Unveils New Single ‘Secondhand Smoke’"


"Secondhand Smoke" has been added to the rotation on National Indie Radio! Hear it on the Pop Musik show from 10:30 AM — 12 PM, or 6 — 7 PM (EST).


"BEX Swan Dives Into Her New Soulful EP ‘Sink or Swim’"

Airplay on Indie Originals Live podcast/radio


ComeHereFloyd Review


Mystic Sons Playlist

Interview with Muzique Magazine

Music Injection Review


Lefuturewave Review


Indie Music Dimension Playlist: Pop & Electro



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