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Hometown: Boston

Genre: Alt-pop + R&B

Influences: Maren Morris, Lissie, Donna Missal, Selena Gomez, Hozier, Bea Miller, Parson James, Bonnie Raitt

Official Website:



BEX is a Boston-based singer-songwriter whose music spans multiple genres.


Her last single, "Secondhand Smoke" released on September 18, 2020, and was featured on Hype Machine and a number of other music blogs, including Vanyaland and Conversations About Her.


"Secondhand Smoke" follows BEX’s 2019 debut album, Sink or Swim, which garnered airplay on a number of award-winning Boston radio stations, including 92.5 The River and Country 102.5. Music bloggers and critics have described her style as “sultry, soulful, and bewitching” with “powerful vocals” and “emotional clout.”

Prior to recording her first album, BEX attended The Boston Conservatory at Berklee (class of 2017), where she received her Masters of Fine Arts and also served as the sole teacher's assistant and tutor for the voice department. 


In addition to writing material for herself, BEX is also a topliner who's written hooks for several songs released by the Emmy-nominated rapper T.O.N.E-z. 


Beyond singing and songwriting, BEX is a professional female voiceover artist (represented by New England Models Group), a UFC-trained kickboxer, and a full-time freelance journalist published in such publications as Insider, Health magazine, Men's Health magazine, Healthline, and Bustle.


"Before it’s obvious that an affair has truly gone up in flames, the casual smolder of smoke filters in from an adjacent room first, signaling what’s to come. It’s the only prompting that BEX needed to strike her own match to flick into the burgeoning bonfire on her new song 'Secondhand Smoke'... The single follows the Boston singer/songwriter’s Sink or Swim EP from early 2019, yet this time around, there’s no lingering question about her predicament; she’s not sticking around long enough to sink, even if that’s a recurring theme in pop music ... Her partner was intimately involved in the track’s development, ensuring a fresh take on an otherwise emotionally unpleasant — and often stale — subject. It’s that very perspective that lends 'Secondhand Smoke' its healthy, independent clarity."


"Catchy lyrics. This is a musician to watch."

—A&R Factory

"She stands out with a fusion of multiple genres and styles, including alternative pop, rock, R&B, and even blues."

Conversations About Her

"BEX is a warrior of the best kind... [and] ‘Bad News’ is a definitive call to arms. Moody, sultry, soulful to the hilt, the guitar-laden blues/jazz salted single billows with confidence in BEX’s brand of wisdom and emotional clout. Her heart is made of forged steel, with her heart of gold and muster, she edges ever closer to the land of promises – to you, with her fingers outstretched – welcoming, bewitching. We can’t wait to hear BEX on ever-larger stages. With powerful vocals anchoring her pop endeavors, it won’t be soon enough."


"BEX swandives into her new soulful EP, Sink or Swim."


"What a voice. Love, sweat, and tears in this album — and you can hear it. You can hear the emotion in her voice."

Indie Originals Live

"U.S. frontwoman takes her cues from BANKS with this warm and swelling new ballad 'Playing With Fire.'"

Mystic Sons blog

"Beautiful voice."

92.5 WXRV The River

"The strong point of her song lies in her heavenly voice. She sings from the heart."

BroadTube Music Channel​​


"BEX has a commanding voice... she has a great future ahead of her."

Music Injection


"'Playing With Fire' has a breathtaking atmosphere... raw and pure vocals."


(Credit: Riany Haffey

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